Hunger in America is very real. Still!


Our mission is to grow vegetables and fruits for those who are struggling or don't have access to fresh produce. All at no cost to them!



At the same time we strive to educate about these vegetables and fruits, their use and how they benefit you.



We want to not only feed people, but teach them about their food and give them knowledge and tools to take home as well as fresh food.



- Provide people with fresh fruits and vegetables when they don't have the means to do so themselves.

- Educate anyone interested in the use of various fruits and vegetables. How are they good for you? What part is edible?

- Help with suggestions on how to eat them, even if you think you cannot find the time.

- Bring people together in our "gardens" for as much of a social experience as full baskets of produce.





We are newly started and currently we are doing everything we can to raise money for our first "garden". When we have received enough donations and help to begin this we will:


- Purchase a large piece of land where we will start vegetable and fruit production as soon as possible.

- Employ people who have a hard time finding jobs as custodians and workers in this garden.

- Hopefully raise more funds to enlarge the garden, purchase new gardens and spread to other states.


We are located in Philadelphia, so in order to start our venture as inexpensive and local as possible, this is where we will find our first piece of land.


Philadelphia is located in growing zones 6a and 6b which prevets us from growing all year round - but with proper planning we should be able to provide lots of fresh produce from mid May and all the way into November, with stronger and more varieties as the years go by and our plants have time to mature