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My name is Christopher Birk and I started this project.


First - what's my goal?


My hope and dream is that (eventually) I can create a project that has agricultural land in as many places and many states as possible - where those who normally cannot afford fresh, organic produce will have access not only to that - but also to information about fruits and vegetables, a place to come and see what they're all about, learn about them, how to use them, cook them etc. This will be places where fruits and vegetable will be completely free for those who need and open to all to come and learn, socialize and enjoy.


But that's not all! My hope is also that I, in these "gardens", can employ people who have a hard time finding work.


How do I plan to do this?


As everything else it costs money. I will do fundraisers and contact who I need to in order to raise the funds needed for the first garden. After the first garden hopefully becomes a success, we will work on creating more of these. We will continue to raise money so this project can be an inspiration to others.
















When I was younger I didn't understand why people would grow "non-fruiting" trees and plants in their yards - what was the point? As I got older I still have that thought coming up now and then. But more than that, now I wonder why there is so much "empty" land that could be used to grow food for people and help them not only to eat but also to understand the importance of fresh fruits and vegetables in their diets. I am also a filmmaker and plan to document the project and show it to the world to help educate even more.


Americans are still struggling to feed themselves and their families. And though there's hunger everywhere I also think it is important to look here, at home, and to help Americans in need.


Also the education is important. In my research I was shocked to learn just how few fresh vegetables and fruits average Americans eat on a daily basis - and also just how little most people know about the different types.




It takes time, paperwork and money to become a non-profit organization. So for now we are not. I do hope that the initial success of this project will help make us in giving everyone who supports us even more benefits. We will however, fully disclose what funds are used for and make sure there are constant updates on everything that goes on with the project. Any and all questions will be answered if you use the CONTACT tab to reach out.