A venture like this, costs money - so we are fundraising in order to start our first "garden". The project is ongoing and we will keep posting updates.

There are 4 main ways to donate:

1) Through our Kickstarter campaign. Share it, donate, like, follow! All those things that make it successful.

2) You can also donate directly through PayPal.

3) Donate seeds and plants.

4) Donate space for the garden.



Feeding people who go hungry is certainly always a worthy cause. But this is more than that. We also wasnt to employ and educate. This is where the knowledge and the tools to "pass it on" and incorporate it into your own life comes from. With your help we can inspire, feed and bring people togther.



Christopher Birk - Creator

Christopher is a long time health-enthusiast who also has worked in both the food industry and the film industry. It is through his film production company, Alpha Tree Productions, that this project is currently run - until the time we set it up as non-profit or another suitable "label".


Why Now?

Why not now? There has always been space to grow vegetables and fruits and there has always been people who need it. So if we can help out even a small group it will all be worth it.




To feed and educate.


We want to provide as many people as we can with fresh produce - but we also want to educate people on the importance of eating more of it and how you use it - and why you should!